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    How to order donor sperm

    Searching for the right donor and ordering donor sperm can seem a bit overwhelming until you have become familiar with the functions and filters available. To help you navigate through our Donor Search we have put this guide together.  

    One of the first steps in the process of ordering donor sperm is to browse through the Donor Search. Here you will find more than 1000 donors with different ethnicities and backgrounds to choose from. Before placing an order for donor sperm, we recommend that you talk to your clinic or doctor about your treatment and what type of straw to order (IUI/ICI and motility).  

    Step 1: Create a private account 

    First step is to create a free account. Go to Donor Search or click on the small person-icon in the top of the page. 

    Click on “Create account”, fill out the requested information and click “Next” 

    We will then ask you to indicate your country of residence and the country in which you will receive treatment. Cryos is licensed according to the EU-Tissue Directive and can deliver donor sperm to all EU countries as well as export outside of the EU. The countries have different legislations regarding the use of sperm donors, and when indicating your country of residence and treatment country, it enables us to show you only the donors that comply with the regulations in your treatment country and donors who have not yet reached the pregnancy quota in your country. 

    Once you have created your account you will receive a verification e-mail. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail to complete your registration and start your donor search. 

    Step 2: Filter by personal preferences     

    Once you have set up your account, you are ready to start your donor search. 

    Narrow down your search results by setting up filters e.g. regarding the donors’ appearance and profile type. Click on “Filters” and tick the boxes of your personal preferences. If you have not decided on which profile type or if you need more guidance, read more on how to choose your sperm donor. 

    Step 3: Finding your favourite sperm donor 

    Once you have narrowed down your search using the available filters, you can read more about each donor. Just click on a donor and find more information, including details about physical appearance, types of straws and screening results. In the Extended Profiles you will also find an emotional intelligence test, childhood photos, a voice recording, Cryos staff impressions and more. 

    As you learn more about the donors, you can mark and save your favourite donors by clicking on the small heart-icon on their profile. You will then be able to find your favourite donors on your profile and always easily return later to continue your donor search. 

    ICI, IUI and motility

    Step 4: Add straws to an order or reservation  

    When you have chosen the perfect donor for your future family, the final step is to order the sperm straws. 

    When you click on your selected donor, a chart will appear with information about the available straws (motility, prices, ICI/IUI). Choose the type and motility you want and click on “Add to basket” to proceed. 

    Use the +/- to specify the number of straws you want to buy and/or reserve for later use (read about how much donor sperm to order). When you are ready to purchase the straws that you have added to your basket, click ‘Proceed to basket’. 

    Search sperm donor

    Step 5: Purchase donor sperm 

    In your basket you will now find the selection of straws you have added. The Quota Reservation (only if applicable in your treatment country) will automatically have been added to your basket. If you are happy with the order and would like to proceed, click “Next”. 

    If you have chosen straws for a reservation you will now be asked to choose your preferred reservation period. You can always renew the reservation period later. 

    Fill out your name, address, phone number, etc. and enter the name of your clinic or a referral code (if provided by your clinic). Proceed and enter the preferred shipping date from Cryos as well as the shipping method as agreed upon with your clinic (learn more about shipping date and method). 

    Step 6: Checkout 

    If the order summary looks correct, proceed to payment to finalize your order. If you are unsure about the payment method, please visit prices and payment. Once you have confirmed your purchase you will receive a confirmation email from Cryos including your order number, and we will now start processing your order. 

    If you get pregnant 

    When you, hopefully, get pregnant, remember to report your pregnancy. We advise reporting your pregnancy when you have passed the first trimester and before the birth of your child. Learn more about how to report your pregnancy in our FAQ. 

    If you do not get pregnant 

    If you have a Quota Reservation and have not obtained a pregnancy, you can get your Quota Reservation refunded. We recommend keeping your Quota Reservation if you wish to continue treatment with the same donor.