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    Reservation of donor sperm for later use

    If you want to secure enough donor sperm for your entire fertility treatment and if you want genetic siblings for your child, we recommend reserving extra straws from your chosen donor.

    Finding the right donor is often a process that takes a lot of consideration and it can be frustrating to find out that one’s favourite donor is sold out before pregnancy is achieved. At Cryos, we cannot guarantee that we will have sperm in stock from your favourite donor in the future and therefore we always recommend our clients to make a reservation in advance.


    Pregnant woman ordering donor sperm for later fertility treatment and siblings for her donor child

    Genetic siblings

    We often hear from clients that wish for their children to be genetic siblings. It can be reassuring and comforting for the children, especially as they grow older and become more self-aware, to have relatives that they are 100% genetically related to.

    If you want one or more genetic sibling for your donor child, it is very important that you make a reservation of straws from the donor you selected.

    The difference between an order and a reservation

    If your treatment is scheduled within the next four weeks, we recommend that you order the straws needed for the treatment and choose a shipping date within those four weeks.

    Most clinics will be able to store your straws before your treatment. It is possible to change the shipment date from Cryos by contacting our Customer Service at least one business day before the requested shipment date.

    If, on the other hand, you have chosen your donor, but you don’t expect to have treatment in the following month, we recommend reserving straws. For a small reservation fee, we can keep them on hold for you at Cryos until you are ready to get started with your treatment.

    When and how much sperm to reserve

    We recommend that you make a reservation of straws when you place your first order. You can reserve straws in the same way as you order straws in Donor Search.

    How much sperm you should reserve depends on your individual situation. On average, you should expect 5-6 treatment cycles per pregnancy when you are treated at a fertility clinic.

    Please note that many factors may influence your ability to become pregnant, such as your age and health condition, the clinic's experience, hormone stimulation, timing, the sperm preparation method and type of treatment. It can therefore be difficult to foresee exactly how many straws you should reserve.

    Your reservation

    If you do not need the reserved sperm, you can terminate the reservation online. You do so by logging into your Cryos profile on our website.

    On your account, under "Reservations", you can renew your reservation period, request delivery of your straws or terminate some of the straws or the entire reservation.

    Termination and refund

    When you make a reservation, you pay for the straws and a reservation fee for having the straws stored at Cryos. You can see the reservation fees in the overview below.

    If you decide to terminate the reservation, Cryos offers to refund 75% of the straw price as long as they are still stored at a Cryos location.

    Reservation fee (excl. VAT)*

    Reservation period (Independent of the number of straws)

    3 months EUR 53
    6 months EUR 92
    1 year EUR 158
    2 years EUR 265
    3 years EUR 371
    4 years EUR 476
    5 years EUR 582
    10 years EUR 1.085

    * Note that the prices are in EUR excl. VAT and are valid as of June 2020


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