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    What is a Quota Reservation

    Most countries have a maximum pregnancy quota per donor, which limits the number of pregnancies or families a particular donor may be used for in a certain country. This is called a pregnancy quota. For some countries, it is mandatory that you hold a Quota Reservation.


    Pregnant woman reding about quota reservation when ordering donor sperm for her fertility treatment

    The Quota Reservation is insurance to you, that you hold a family or pregnancy slot in the total country quota. The Quota Reservation also guarantees that you can use sperm from the same donor throughout your treatment and for future treatment (for siblings). Even if the local quota has been reached in the meantime, you still hold your Quota Reservation.

    We recommend that you also consider reserving straws if you want to be able to use the same donor for future siblings.

    If a Quota Reservation is mandatory for your country, it will automatically be added to the basket when you add straws.

    Prices and refund

    The price for the Quota Reservation depends on the ID Release status of the donor:

    • Quota Reservation for a Non-ID Release Donor: EUR 200 excl. VAT
    • Quota Reservation for an ID Release Donor: EUR 350 excl. VAT

    A Quota Reservation is fully refundable if a pregnancy is not obtained and you have no straws or embryos left for future treatments. If you wish to have your Quota Reservation refunded, please log in to your profile.