Fertility treatment with Cryos donor sperm at Trianglen Fertility Clinic
Fertility treatment with Cryos donor sperm at Trianglen Fertility Clinic
Fertility treatment with Cryos donor sperm at Trianglen Fertility Clinic

Fertility treatment with Cryos donor sperm at Trianglen Fertility Clinic

When you have fertility treatment at Trianglen Fertility Clinic, you get a discount on donor sperm if you choose a sperm donor from Cryos. You can choose between ID Release or Non-ID Release sperm donors with a Basic or Extended sperm donor profile. We also offer the possibility of purchasing access to see pictures of some of the sperm donors as adults as well as the option of Donor Exclusivity. You can order donor sperm from Cryos online and have it delivered to Trianglen Fertility Clinic in Copenhagen (Denmark). Create an account and start your search for a sperm donor today.

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About Trianglen Fertility Clinic

Trianglen Fertility Clinic is located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and is one of the largest fertility clinics in Scandinavia. Trianglen was founded in 1993 which makes it one of the oldest fertility clinics in Denmark. At Trianglen Fertility Clinic, you can receive fertility treatment no matter if you are from Denmark or abroad, no matter your sexual orientation or civil status.

Trianglen Fertility Clinic offers fertility treatment with donor sperm from Cryos, including:

  • IUI (insemination)
  • IVF
  • ICSI

Every year, Trianglen performs more than 1500 inseminations and around 1200 IVF/ICSI treatments, and contributes to approximately 500 births each year. The clinic staff is very experienced, and their focus is to ensure the best possible treatment for all patients.

Trianglen Fertility Clinic is one of Cryos’ trusted partners, and we offer a discount on donor sperm for fertility treatments at Trianglen.

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Get a discount on Cryos donor sperm for fertility treatment at Trianglen

Cryos has a close collaboration with Trianglen Fertility Clinic. This means that you get a 10% discount when ordering donor sperm straws from Cryos for use in treatment at Trianglen. Please contact Trianglen to learn more about your options and how to order Cryos donor sperm with a discount.

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Choose freely amongst Cryos sperm donors

When you are having fertility treatment at Trianglen Fertility Clinic, you must order donor sperm for your treatment via the Cryos website. You can choose between all our different sperm donors, and in our sperm donor search you can narrow down your search result by using different filters such as ethnicity, eye colour, height, etc.

NB: Please make sure to order IUI sperm straws MOT20 with delivery in nitrogen tank, as this is what Trianglen Fertility Clinic prefers. We have made a guide on how to order donor sperm to help you along.

Cryos – a Danish sperm bank with a strong focus on quality

Cryos was founded in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1987. Today we are the world’s largest sperm and egg bank. We have four departments in Denmark, where we welcome sperm donors of many different ethnicities and with different personalities and occupations. We also have departments in Cyprus and USA. At Cryos we do an extensive donor screening before allowing a donor candidate into our donor programme. When you order donor sperm for treatment in Denmark, we will automatically add a Quota Reservation to your order. The Quota Reservations help ensure that the national limit regarding the number of families/children one donor can be used for is not exceeded. We are certified in accordance with the international standard for quality management ISO 9001:2015, and we want to make sure that choosing a sperm donor at Cryos is safe and easy.

If you have questions or need help getting started with fertility treatment with donor sperm, we are here to help you.

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