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Not my genes. Definitely my child

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Love makes a family, not genes.

At Cryos, we strongly believe that love is what truly makes a family. Even though one or both parents may not be genetically connected to their child, their love makes them a family. As the world’s largest sperm and egg bank, we are proud to have helped more than 70.000 children into the world with the selfless help of our sperm donors. Start your family journey with Cryos.

Different types of families

The concept of family today encompasses many other different family constellations than just mother, father, and their children. In Denmark, for example, there are 37 different types of families including a single mother with her children, a single father with his children, parents with children brought together and children with same sex parents. In short, what makes a family is not a certain constellation of parents or circumstances, but the love shared between parent and child.

Fertility equality

The vision at Cryos has always been to help all people have their dream of a baby come true. We believe in fertility treatment equality regardless of sexual orientation and relationship status. Because of that, anyone can create a Cryos account and start their search for just the right donor today. The love between a child and parent is just as strong even if they are not genetically connected and the child is Donor-conceived.

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What family research shows

According to Susan Golombok, Professor of Family Research, the structure of a family matters less than many assume and the concerns about children’s well-being are unfounded:

"Children thrive in all different kinds of family. What really matters is the quality of relationships between children and their parents and how much their family is accepted in the wider society in which they live."

Susan Golombok
Professor of Family Research