PrivateModal pagesWhat is IUI straws?

Ask your fertility clinic

We always recommend that you ask your clinic for advice as to which type of sperm straws to order. You are also welcome to contact Cryos Customer Care, if you need further guidance when choosing between IUI and ICI.

What is an IUI straw?

IUI straws contain washed sperm that has been prepared in a laboratory. The natural ejaculate fluids have been removed and a cryo-preservative has been added.

What type of treatment are IUI straws used for?

IUI straws are ready to use for IUI treatment, where the sperm is inserted directly into the uterus. This fertility treatment allows a lot of sperm cells to reach the egg and therefore, the chances of getting pregnant are increased compared to ICI treatment. IUI treatment is always performed by a trained health care professional.

IUI straws can also be used for ICI, IVF and ICSI treatment depending on your clinic’s preference.