Sperm storage

    At Cryos you have the possibility to freeze and store your sperm for later use. There can be many reasons to why you would want to freeze and store your sperm. Common to all is the wish to preserve the possibility to have children later on in life.

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    Frozen sperm stored at Cryos for later use

    Sperm storage could be a possibility if you:

    • Are considering a vasectomy
    • Are facing serious medical treatments in relation to cancer or other diseases that may cause sterility*
    • Are in treatment for infertility, but cannot be present at the scheduled time of treatment due to international travel, work, etc.
    • Are unable to provide a sperm sample on demand when the fertility treatment takes place
    • Work with hazardous chemicals that may harm your sperm
    • Simply wish to safeguard your ability to reproduce
    • *)  When depositing because of chemo/radiation therapy, we recommend that the sperm is collected before treatment begins. If this is not possible, we recommend that you consult the doctor responsible for your treatment for further guidance.
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