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Cryos International Sperm Bank - Denmark
Our international sperm bank in Denmark is where it all started over 30 years ago. Our headquarter location is in Aarhus, from where we distribute donor sperm to clinics in more than 100 countries worldwide. Our sperm bank in Denmark offers both ID Release and Non-ID Release Sperm Donors with Basic or Extended Sperm Donor Profiles. They represent not only the Danish population but a wide variety of ethnicities.

Cryos International Sperm Bank – Denmark can help you find frozen donor sperm for fertility treatment, whether you are a private person or a professional representing a fertility clinic, hospital, etc. The website is in 10 different languages to help make the selection and purchase process as convenient and simple as possible for you.

Cryos Cyprus Sperm & Egg Bank
From our sperm and egg bank in Cyprus, you can purchase frozen donor eggs that were donated at our facility in Cyprus or in one of our partnering clinics. Create a free account and get access to see all donor profiles online. The egg donors can be locals, exchange students, expats, or similar, which means the egg donors not only represent the population of Cyprus but many different ethnicities and phenotypes. Choose between ID Release or Non-ID Release Donors with a Basic or Extended Donor Profile. If the donor’s physical appearance is important to you, you can also purchase access to see photos of some of the donors as adults. We have a section for private persons and one for professionals purchasing donor eggs on behalf of a patient. These websites are in English only.

Cryos US Sperm & Egg Bank
Cryos’ US department was the first free standing, fully independent frozen egg bank in the United States. Today, Cryos US Sperm & Egg Bank offers both frozen donor eggs as well as frozen donor sperm for clinical use or home insemination.

We welcome our US donors in several different locations, including Orlando, Gainesville, and Raleigh. These locations are well-known university cities with a diverse population, which is reflected in the great variety in our free donor search.

To minimize your costs related to shipping as well as the actual delivery time, we recommend that the Cryos US Sperm & Egg Bank is primarily used by residents and healthcare professionals within the United States.