Give your patients the world's largest selection of sperm donors 

Mother with Cryos baby after fertility treatment with high-quality donor sperm
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Cryos is one of the best donor banks. Information about potential donors is easily accessible and they offer a variety of different MOT values. The Clinic Account Team is excellent which is exemplified by their multilingual staff. This is very useful for our patients who come from all over the world. The support that they offer is always friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

Jose Miro
Laboratory Administrator, King’s Fertility


Happy mother with donor-conceived child after help from fertility clinic and Cryos sperm bank
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We are very satisfied with Cryos as a partner. We are particularly pleased with the positive and quick response that we receive from Cryos’ service minded staff. In addition, they always appear very helpful and professional, which is important to us when choosing.

Magnus Sørdal
General Manager, Medicus

How we screen our donors

Cryos nurse telling about how Cryos screens donors to ensure the best quality sperm straws
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Cryos Clinic Account Team talking to a professional partner from a fertility clinic

We are here to help you and your patients

Our highly service minded and experienced Clinic Account Team are ready to respond to your enquiries by email and telephone. We speak 11 languages.

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