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    Donor types and profiles

    In Cryos’ free Donor Search, you and your patients can choose from more than 1,000 sperm donors. Here you can learn more about our different profiles and types of sperm donors.

    Cryos offers Non-ID Release and ID Release donors, donors that have only basic information disclosed and donors who have much information disclosed in their profile.

    Large selection of phenotypes

    Generally, our sperm donors reflect the Danish population. However, some of our donors are exchange students, professionals working abroad, etc. Our donors have many different ethnical backgrounds and phenotypes. Therefore, it is possible to choose a donor that matches the patient’s characteristics, which is important to some people.


    Sperm donor who has donated sperm for patients going through fertility treatment at a clinic

    “My motivation for being a sperm donor is that I know that there are so many people in the world struggling to have children. I feel privileged that I am healthy enough to help them. It means a lot to me, and I know it is very important for those I can help.”

    Henrik, 25 years old

    Non-ID Release and ID Release donors

    Our sperm donors are either Non-ID Release or ID Release donors. The donor has chosen to be one or the other and his decision cannot be changed.

    Non-ID Release sperm donors

    The Non-ID Release donors are non-contactable. This means that Cryos will never disclose identifying information about the donor to your clinic, the patient or the donor child. Likewise, the donor has agreed not to attempt to contact potential donor children. A Non-ID Release donor can have a Basic or an Extended profile. Cryos ensures that there is no identifying information disclosed in the donor profile.

    Nevertheless, donor sperm carry DNA and therefore, there is always a risk that donors, parents and children can trace or be traced via DNA-analysis which can compromise the privacy.

    ID Release sperm donors

    The ID Release Donors are identifiable. This means that when the donor child grows up, he or she will have the opportunity to contact Cryos to obtain identifying information about the donor - in most countries when the child turns 18. The donor has agreed to be contacted by potential donor children, but Cryos can unfortunately not guarantee that the donor will engage in this contact in the future. An ID Release donor can have a Basic or an Extended profile.

    Cryos does not provide the donor with any information on the patients or the children. It is completely up to the child if he or she wishes to seek contact with the donor.

    Basic and Extended donor profiles

    Our sperm donors have either a Basic profile or an Extended profile. The difference is the level of information about the donor.

    Sperm donor reading about donor profile types at Cryos

    Basic donor profiles contain:

    • Race
    • Ethnicity
    • Eye colour
    • Hair colour
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Blood type
    • Education
    • Reported pregnancies (yes/no)

    Extended donor profiles contain:

    • All the basic information
    • A well set up profile with details about the sperm donor’s background, education, family situation, interests and hobbies (details filled in by the donor himself)
    • Cryos’ staff impression of the donor
    • Childhood photos of the donor
    • A hand-written greeting from the donor
    • A sound recording with a greeting from the donor, where his voice can be heard
    • An Emotional Intelligence profile (EQ)

    Photos of the sperm donors as adults

    A selection of our Non-anonymous sperm donors with Extended profiles have 5-6 photos of them as adults attached to their donor profile. The photos can be accessed in our donor search, and a 3 months access costs EUR 200 exclusive VAT. 

    Sperm donors with exclusivity

    A small selection of our sperm donors can be bought exclusively for one family. This means that the patient will be the only one using this donor’s donations made with Cryos. The donor may also have a family of his own.

    The price of a sperm donor with exclusivity ranges from EUR 12,000 to 36,000 excl. VAT. In addition, the patient pays for all sperm straws in stock. The price includes:

    • 10 years’ storage of the straws at Cryos
    • 3 free shipments
    • Quota Reservation

    Who are the Cryos donors?

    Our donors vary from the university student, who wants to do something good and give back, to the police officer, the craftsman and the married family father who knows that having children is one of the greatest gifts.

    Facts about our sperm donors*

    • 18-45 years old
    • About 50% are studying and 50% are employed
    • More than 60% have a higher education
    • More than 50% are in a relationship

    *Source: Cryos donor satisfaction survey 2017 with 145 respondents