ProfessionalAbout spermMotility and sperm count

    Motility and sperm count

    At Cryos, you can order sperm straws with MOT5 and up to MOT30+. You can choose between IUI-ready straws and unwashed ICI straws depending on your preference.

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    Cryos laboratory technician assessing sperm motility and sperm count through the CASA system
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    How we determine the sperm quality

    • All Cryos’ staff is trained in the procedures through our own carefully developed training courses build on more than 30 years of experience. This ensures the same high standards in all our laboratories.
    • When we receive a sample, we freeze the entire ejaculate in straws. All straws are stored in liquid nitrogen which ensures a stabile temperature of -196 degrees until use. To determine the quality, one straw from each ejaculate will be thawed and analysed. The result of this analysis determines the MOT of the ejaculate.
    • We determine the sperm quality according to WHO’s Laboratory Manual. In all our laboratories, we use CASA (Computer Assisted Sperm Analyzer) to count the sperm cells via microscopy. We count 500 cells or 5 frames (whichever is achieved first) before determining the result of the analysis. CASA ensures a more consistent count than what is possible through a manual process.