ProfessionalHow toHow to handle sperm straws

    How to handle sperm straws

    To help you ensure the sperm quality throughout the process, we have made this step-by-step guide on how to handle sperm straws when they are delivered to your clinic from Cryos.

      Once you have ordered sperm straws for your patients, and the shipment arrives at your clinic or facility, it is your responsibility to ensure that the sperm quality is maintained up until your patient’s fertility treatment. At Cryos we are here to assist you on thisand we recommend that you take a moment to read through this guide on how to handle sperm straws after placing your order with Cryos. In that way, you will be prepared when the order arrives 

      To ensure that your patients are treated with a high-quality product, it is important that you accurately follow the procedure as described below. 

      Cryos employee preparing sperm straws for clinics – Safe and easy handling of high-quality sperm from Cryos

      When you receive the sperm straws

      Upon delivery, you must start by checking that the product you have received matches your order, and that the delivery has not suffered any damage during transportation. 

      First, please check that the content of the shipment is undamaged.  
      If you find any faults or deficiencies due to transportation, please contact the carrier directly and if possible, include photo documentation with your complaint. 

      Also, on receipt please check your delivery against your order, to verify that it includes the correct number of straws from the right donor(s) or person(s). 
      Each sperm straw is marked as follows:

      • If donor sperm: The first name/number refers to the Donor number, and the second number is the ejaculate number (e.g., 4011-45, JOHN-15). If present, the third number is the split number (number of straws in the ejaculate).

      • If the customer’s own sperm: The straws are marked with a unique number, name, or combination of both (e.g., 123456-6789 James Jameson). On some straws, the number will also include an ejaculate and/or split number. Please check the packing list included with your order to see the full information about each straw.

      Handling of the sperm 

      If the delivery equals your order, and there has been no damage due to transportation, you are now ready to proceed with the handling of the sperm. 

      Please be aware that the quality of the product depends on your handling of the sperm. It is therefore crucial, that you accurately follow the procedure described below.  

      Transferring to other storage containers 

      If you need to transfer the frozen sperm straws to another storage container, it is important that the straws are moved quickly (within seconds) to avoid thawing of the sperm. 

      Thawing – when you are ready to use the sperm straws 

      Step 1: Thaw the straw at room temperature between 22-24°C/72-75°F for approximately 15-20 minutes. Please perform a microscopic sperm analysis immediately after thawing. Cryos guarantees post-thaw MOT up until this analysis. For any further handling of the sperm, please follow your local protocols. 

      Set the time for correct thawing of sperm straws to maintain high sperm quality

      Emptying of straw to another container 

      Step 2: Start by cleaning the sperm straw with an alcohol pad

      Preparation of sperm straw for clinical treatment – cleaning of straw

      Step 3: Cut the sealing in the opposite end of the label 

      Correct handling of sperm straws from Cryos – cutting the straw

      Step 4: Place the straw into a test tube or similar container and cut the other end of the sperm straw, from the top of the straw (at the ID number) and empty the straw into the container. 

      Measuring where to cut sperm straws while preparing for fertility treatment

      Emptying of straw into a syringe 

      Step 1: Start by cleaning the sperm straw with an alcohol pad 

      Cleaning sperm straw at fertility clinic prior to treatment

      Step 2: Cut the sealing in the opposite end of the label 

      Cutting sperm straw from Cryos before doing clinical treatment

      Step 3: Fit the thick end of the adapter to the syringe and place the cut end of the straw into the thin end of the adapter. 

      Adapter and syringe - Cryos guides fertility clinics on how to handle sperm straws upon delivery

      Step 4: Check your straw type on the packing list: 

      • a. CBS 0,5 ml straws: Cut off the other end of the straw (max. 2.5 cm/1”) from the top of the sperm straw by the ID-number/name. 
      • b. CBS 0,4 ml and IMV straws: Cut off the end of the straw just below the plug under the ID-number. 
      How to handle sperm straws from Cryos depending on different straw types

      Step 5: Keep the syringe upright. Slowly draw the content of the straw into the syringe. 

      Emptying straw with high-quality sperm from Cryos into syringe for use in fertility treatment
      You can also watch this video about how to handle the sperm straws:

      Do you have questions? 

      We appreciate your collaboration, and we are here for you if you have any questions regarding how to handle sperm straws. We want you to feel safe and ready when the order arrives, so that you and your patients get the best possible outcome when partnering up with Cryos.