ProfessionalHow toHow to handle sperm straws

    How to handle sperm straws

    Here you can find our guide on how to handle sperm straws from Cryos. It is important that you follow this guide to ensure the sperm quality throughout the process. 

    Upon receipt of the sperm straws, we recommend following these three steps: 

    1. Check that the content of the shipment is undamaged 

    2. If transferring the frozen straws to another storage facility, it is important that the straws are moved quickly (within seconds) in order to avoid thawing 

    3. Check the donor IDThe first number/letters on the straw is the donor number/name, and the second number is the ejaculate number (e.g. 4011-45 or JOHN-15)

    Ready to use the straws?

    Step 1
    Thaw the straw at room temperature for approx. 15-20 minutes.
    Please note, if you want to perform a microscopic sperm analysis it must be carried out just after the 15-20 minutes of thawing and before any preparation/use of the sperm

    Step 2
    Clean the straw with an alcohol pad

    Step 3 with an adaptor

    Step 3 without an adaptor

    Fit the thick end of the adapter to the syringe

    Cut the sealing in both ends of the straw and empty the content into a test tube or similar container

    Cut the sealed end of the straw (max. 0.5 cm) opposite the end with the donor ID using a pair of scissors and place the cut end of the straw into the thin end of the adaptor


    Check your straw type on the packing list to find out where to cut on the other end of the straw:

    • 5 ml straws: cut 2.5 cm from the top of the straw by the donor ID
    • 4 ml and IMV straws: cut the straw just below the plug under the donor ID

    Keep the syringe upright. Slowly draw the content of the straw into the syringe



    We are here for you

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about how to handle sperm straws from Cryos.