ProfessionalHow toHow to handle sperm straws

    How to handle sperm straws

    To help you ensure the sperm quality throughout the process, we have made this step-by-step guide on how to handle sperm straws when they are delivered to your clinic from Cryos.

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    Cryos employee preparing sperm straws for clinics – Safe and easy handling of high-quality sperm from Cryos
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    Set the time for correct thawing of sperm straws to maintain high sperm quality
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    Preparation of sperm straw for clinical treatment – cleaning of straw
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    Correct handling of sperm straws from Cryos – cutting the straw
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    Measuring where to cut sperm straws while preparing for fertility treatment
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    Cleaning sperm straw at fertility clinic prior to treatment
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    Cutting sperm straw from Cryos before doing clinical treatment
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    Adapter and syringe - Cryos guides fertility clinics on how to handle sperm straws upon delivery
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    How to handle sperm straws from Cryos depending on different straw types
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    Emptying straw with high-quality sperm from Cryos into syringe for use in fertility treatment
    You can also watch this video about how to handle the sperm straws:
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