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    How to order donor sperm

    Get an overview of how to order sperm straws for your patient’s treatment, how much to order and which options we offer regarding storage and stock orders.   

    We have made it easy for you to order the donor sperm you need for your patient’s treatment. Once you are logged into your account, you can just follow the steps below. 

    Easy ordering process

    1. Select sperm donor(s) and add straws to your basket 
    2. Go to basket and check out  
    3. Choose payment and delivery method 

    How much donor sperm to order 

    We offer a variety of sperm qualities so you can choose the quality best suited for specific types of fertility treatment. Many of the clinics we collaborate with have their own preferences regarding types of straws, but if you are unsure about which type and motility to order, please see our recommendations below:

    IUI 1 x IUI straw MOT10 1 x IUI straw MOT5, MOT20 or higher
    IVF 1 x IUI straw MOT5 1 x IUI straw MOT10 or higher
    ICSI 1 x IUI MOT5 1 x IUI straw MOT10 or higher

    Learn more about our MOT system here. 

    We can store your order 

    You can reserve sperm straws in our storage unit until you need them for treatment of your patientThis way you can ensure enough straws throughout your patient’s treatment and for genetic siblings.  

    We offer 75% refund of the original price of the straws if the reservation is cancelled 

    Consider placing stock order 

    If you have the possibility to store sperm straws at your clinic, we recommend that you order sperm straws for stock.  


    • You will have istock” options for last minute appointments 
    • No risk of delayed orders 
    • Attractive prices 
    • Flexible payment schedule based on your needs 
    • Joint shipping and reduced shipping cost  

    Please contact our Clinic Account Team for more information about stock orders. 

    Quota Reservation  

    A Quota Reservation (if applicable in your country) will automatically be added to your basket to ensure that the donor’s quota is not reached.  

    If you place a stock order, remember to calculate how many Quota Reservations you will need per donor. You can change the total amount of Quota Reservations in the check-out process. Learn more about Quota Reservations here. 

    We will guide you

    Please contact us if you have any questions about the ordering process. If your patient places the order, you can refer her to this guide on how to order donor sperm for patients or recommend her contacting our experienced Clinic Account Team.