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    How to report a pregnancy

    To ensure that the number of pregnancies per donor in each country is not exceeded, it is important that pregnancies obtained with the help of Cryos donors are reported to us.

      Woman who has become pregnant by having treatment at a fertility clinic with donor sperm from Cryos

      If your patient becomes pregnant with the help of a Cryos donor, and your clinic has handled the ordering of sperm straws for her treatment, we kindly ask you to report the pregnancy to us.

      Report pregnancies from your account

      To report a pregnancy to Cryos, please login to your clinic account on our website, where you can register your patient’s pregnancy.

      If your patient has ordered the sperm straws herself, she must report the pregnancy from her own account.

      In case you or your patient need guidance on how to register a pregnancy, please do not hesitate to contact our Clinic Account Team who will take you through the steps.

      Why it is important to report a pregnancy

      Most countries have a pregnancy quota, meaning a limit to the number of pregnancies by one donor. It is important to report pregnancies to Cryos to ensure that the limit of pregnancies per donor per country is not exceeded.

      Cryos uses Quota Reservations to ensure that the national limit is not exceeded. When you or your patients order donor sperm for a treatment country where a Quota Reservation is required, we will automatically add one Quota Reservation to the order. If needed, you or your patients can purchase more Quota Reservations for the same donor via your Cryos login under the section Quotas.

      When your patient hopefully becomes pregnant with help from a Cryos sperm donor, and the pregnancy is reported to us, the Quota Reservation will be converted into a permanent place in the national pregnancy quota.

      In case your patient does not obtain pregnancy and does not have more sperm straws from the donor or embryos left for future treatments, the Quota Reservation can be fully refunded within the first three years from the date of purchase. A quota Reservation can be terminated by logging in to your Cryos account and go to the section Quotas.