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    Shipping and delivery

    Cryos ships donor sperm to destinations all around the world and we always do our best to ensure flexibility, high safety and short transfer time. 

    Laboratory technician from Cryos prepares a nitrogen tank for shipment to a fertility clinic

    In the following, you can find all the information you need about shipping dates, shipping methods, delivery times, returning of nitrogen tanks and more. Regardless of whether you or your patient places the order, the procedure for shipping and delivery is the same. 

    Shipping date and delivery time 

    We can ship your order 1,5 weekdays after the online order has been placed. With payment of an additional late order fee, an order can be dispatched on the same day as we receive itThe deadline for this is 12:00 AM (CET) on the day of dispatch. 

    Your order is delivered within 1-5 days by a professional courier company directly from Cryos to your clinic Monday to Friday. The exact delivery time depends on your destination.  

    Delivery times to Europe and rest of the world: 

    Europe: 1-3 weekdays (3-5 weekdays to islands) 

    Rest of the world: 2-5 weekdays 

    The times noted above apply under normal conditions. The delivery time may vary depending on the destination and other conditions. For some destinations outside the EU, customs procedures may delay the delivery. Please ensure that you have the necessary import license to receive the order. 

    Which shipping method to choose? 

    The shipping method you should choose, depends on your destination, your preferences and if you have the possibility to store the straws in your own tank. The sperm straws are either sent in a dry ice container (only used for shipments from Monday to Wednesday) or a nitrogen tank. 

    Durability of dry ice container and nitrogen tank: 

    • Nitrogen tank: 7 days (including the shipping day) 
    • Large nitrogen tank: 12 days (including the shipping day) 
    • Dry ice container: 3 days (including the shipping day) 
    • Large dry ice container: 5 days (including the shipping day) 

    Please note that the shipping day counts as day 1 in the number of days the tank or container can keep the straws frozen.