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Peter Reeslev

Why we host the Cryos Symposium

"As one of the key players in the field of ART, we feel that it is our responsibility to support innovation and scientific development. One of the ways in which we can support this is through the Cryos Symposiums. The Cryos Symposiums provide a platform for presenting the latest scientific research through educational lectures, given by a variety of international experts within ethics, legislation, donor children’s wellbeing, donor sperm and -eggs as well as genetical topics." / Peter Reeslev, CEO at Cryos International

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Throwback to The Cryos Symposium USA 2020
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Throwback to The Cryos Symposium Denmark 2019
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Video interviews

Below you will find interviews from our Cryos Symposium USA 2020. Feel free to share the videos on your social media from our YouTube channel.


Using artificial intelligence and time laps to enhance the patient journey - Céline Jacques
Mosi: A hope for patients trapped in idiopathic infertility – Ashok Agarwal
Quality control in the andrology lab – Tony Anderson
Non-invasive genetic testing (niPGT-A): is it applicable for ART practice? – Juliana Cuzzi
The feasibility and associated risks of germline editing – Ben Davies
Disclosure and anonymity: The impact of genealogy and testing on gamete donation – Elizabeth
Male factor infertility: Meeting men’s unmet emotional and informational needs – Eleanor
The conundrum of using genetic companies to find donor parents
To freeze or not to freeze?! That is the question - Saghar Kasiri and Corey Burke
Who are the parents? – Ole Schou, Founder of Cryos International
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