The Cryos Symposium 2019

    On this page you can learn more about the symposium 2019. The symposium was held on the 2nd-3rd May2019 in Aarhus. You will find a highlight video, a video interview with some of the attendees, pictures from the day, and short video interviews with the speakers about interesting topics.

    All participants from the Cryos Symposium in Denmark 2019
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    Following the success of our first ever Cryos Symposium in 2017, we are thrilled to invite you to the second Cryos Symposium taking place on May 3rd 2019. The Cryos Symposium presents an opportunity for you to gain new knowledge on important topics within ethics & legislation, donor children, donor sperm and genetics, through educational lectures given by an array of international experts. Moreover, at the 2019 Cryos Symposium we will also be adding the topic of donor eggs to the agenda. As a significant player in the field of ART, we see it as our obligation to support industry innovation and development. This is achieved by allocating resources for research and by sharing new knowledge at the Cryos Symposium, thereby supporting cooperation and fostering an international network. Our goal is to encompass the aforementioned within the 2019 Cryos Symposium. We look forward to welcoming you to an inspiring couple of days.

    Peter Reeslev
    CEO at Cryos International
    Highlight video
    What the attendees said
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    Symposium images 2019 1
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    Symposium images 2019 3
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    Dr. Françoise Shenfield: Why people cross borders to seek fertility treatment?
    Emma Grønbæk: How I felt growing up as a donor child
    Prof. Steven J. Ory: The IFFS 2019 report: Global Trends in Reproductive Policy and Practice
    Prof. Allan Pacey: Why men should take their reproductive biology seriously
    Director of European Operations, Saghar Kasiri: Using fresh vs. frozen donor eggs
    Dr. Lone Bruhn Madsen: How much should we screen sperm and egg donors
    Prof. Susan Golombok: How is the mother-child relationship in Single Mother by Choice families
    Cryos Founder, Ole Schou: Who are the legal parents?
    Prof. Willem Ombelet: What affects the chances of obtaining pregnancy when performing IUI
    Prof. Joyce Harper: How anonymous is an anonymous sperm or egg donor
    Associate Professor Wybo Dondorp: The pros and cons of genetic testing of gamete donors
    Professor Peter Humaidan: Do frozen embryos lead to higher birth rates?