The Cryos Symposium 2020

    On this page you can learn more about our first symposium in USA. The symposium was held on the 20th – 21st February 2020 in Orlando, Florida. You will find a highlight video, pictures from the day, and short video interviews with the speakers about interesting topics.

    All participants in the Cryos Symposium in USA in 2020
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    Highlight video
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    Symposium images 2020 1
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    Who are the parents? – Ole Schou, Founder of Cryos International
    Male factor infertility: Meeting men’s unmet emotional and informational needs – Eleanor Stevenson
    Mosi: A hope for patients trapped in idiopathic infertility – Ashok Agarwal
    To freeze or not to freeze?! That is the question - Saghar Kasiri and Corey Burke
    Non-invasive genetic testing: is it applicable for ART practice? – Juliana Cuzzi
    Quality control in the andrology lab – Tony Anderson
    Disclosure and anonymity: The impact of genealogy and testing on gamete donation – Elizabeth Grill
    The conundrum of using genetic companies to find donor parents – Melissa B. Brisman
    Using artificial intelligence and time laps to enhance the patient journey - Céline Jacques
    The feasibility and associated risks of germline editing – Dr. Ben Davies