The Donor Sperm Symposium 2017

    On this page you can learn more about the first Cryos Symposium ever. The symposium was held on the 11th November 2017 in Aarhus. You will find a highlight video, pictures from the day, and short video interviews with the speakers about interesting topics.

    All participants in the Cryos Symposium in Denmark 2017
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    Highlight video
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    Prof. Susan Golombok The wellbeing of donor conceived children
    Dr. Lucy Frith Donor anonymity vs. non-anonymity
    Professor Allan Pacey Sperm Quality
    Prof. Willem Ombelet Perinatal and obstetric outcome of ass. reproduction
    Dr. Mathew Tomlinson Semen cryopreservation past, present and future
    Prof. Veerle Provoost Parenthood and sperm donation
    Dr. David Mortimer Quality management of a sperm bank
    Prof. Guido Pennings Legislation and cross-border reproductive care