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    How to become a sperm donor

    As a sperm donor, you help potential parents achieve their goals of starting a family. You also receive financial compensation for donating.

    Many people dream of becoming a parent, but some people need a little help to make their dream come true. As a sperm donor, you can help potential families achieve their dream. At the same time, you receive compensation that amounts up to $780 per month for your time and effort.

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    Why become a sperm donor? 

    • You make a difference in other people’s lives.
    • You have the potential to earn between $780 per month as a sperm donor.
    • You receive free genetic screening.
    • You receive complimentary infectious disease testing and a comprehensive health physical every 6 months.
    • You will have your sperm quality tested.

    Why choose Cryos?

    Cryos has 30 years of professional experience with sperm donation and we are proud to be the world’s largest sperm bank. We value safety and honesty and we want to ensure that our donors feel secure throughout the process. It is important to us that our donors feel inspired and motivated in their choice to become a sperm donor.

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    Sperm donor requirements? 

    To become a Cryos sperm donor you must be between the ages of 18 and 44 and in good physical and mental health. We seek all types of men from all ethnic backgrounds and pride ourselves in our donor diversity. Other sperm donor requirements include: 

    • You live within a one-hour drive of one of our facilities in Orlando, FL, Gainesville, FL, or Raleigh, NC
    • You are willing to commit to a minimum of one visit per week for a minimum of 90 days 
    • You are 5’6” tall for most donors (5’4” for donors of Hispanic or Asian descent) 
    • You are pursuing or have graduated with a college degree or have a successful, long term career. (i.e. civil service, trade specialty) 

    If you would like to become an ID Release sperm donor sperm donor, this would be viewed as a plus since there is a high demand for sperm donated by ID Release sperm donors. We also accept Non-ID Release sperm donors. It is your decision to become either a Non-ID Release or a ID Release donor.

    Follow the link to read more about the requirements to donate sperm.

    Sperm bank locations near me

    Are you considering becoming a sperm donor at Cryos? We have several sperm bank locations in the US:

    NB: As a sperm donor at Cryos, you must be able to visit us frequently during the screening and donation process. That is why we recommend that you live or work within one hour from one of our locations.

    You can see our opening hours and how to contact Cryos here.

    We are always happy to welcome new potential sperm donors at Cryos. Click the button below to apply as a sperm donor now.