Basic & Extended Donor Profiles

    As a Cryos sperm donor, you will have the opportunity to determine your anonymity status and choose between having a Basic or Extended donor profile.  


      Cryos sperm donor – What is an extended profile?

      Basic Donor Profile

      Choosing to have a Basic profile provides the crucial information future parents look for in a donor while allowing you to only provide a limited amount of information about yourself. If you choose to have a Basic profile your characteristics will be registered at your first medical examination.

      Apply as a sperm donor

      With a basic profile you will be registered with information that includes your:

      • Race
      • Ethnicity
      • Eye color
      • Hair color
      • Height
      • Weight
      • Blood type
      • Level of education and/or profession

      Extended Donor Profile

      With an Extended Profile, you will be asked to include photos and a handwritten greeting in addition to your form. The photos will preferably be from when you were between the ages of nine and twelve months old.

      You will be given an ID number that you can use to label your images when you send them to us. We accept Jpegs or physical photos delivered to our office. We will also record an audio file of you reading your handwritten greeting during one of your visits.

      With an Extended profile you will be registered with information that includes your:

      • Background information such as hobbies and childhood
      • Physical characteristics
      • Education
      • Profession
      • Personality
      • Health and family history
      • Handwritten message to the family
      • A voice sample reading out the handwritten message
      • Emotional intelligence test (EQ)
      • Child photograph if you are a Non-ID Release donor
      • Adult photographs if you are an ID Release donor
      • A brief subjective description of you written by a Cryos staff member

      You will complete a form with this information after you have been approved as a sperm donor. You will not be asked to reveal any personally identifying information for your Extended Profile. Your final Extended Profile will not contain any identifying information about you.

      Cryos is here for you

      At Cryos, we want to support and help you on your journey to become a donor. Please contact us if you have questions or need further information about becoming a Cryos sperm donor. The application is the first step toward becoming a sperm donor, where you have the possibility of earning up to 780$ per month for your time and effort.