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    Improving Your Sperm Quality

    Sperm quality amongst men has been on a general decline worldwide. One of the biggest problems today is that our poor lifestyles negatively affect sperm quality. Fortunately, in many cases there is something you can do about it yourself. 

    In some cases, poor sperm quality is due to medical or genetic factors. These must be treated through a doctor, as they can lead to Male Factor Infertility. If you are concerned about your sperm quality and would like to improve it however, changing your lifestyle is the best place to start to see improvements. 

    Cryos sperm donor  – how to improve sperm quality

    Avoid Heat 

    Sperm does not like the heat. Their temperature must be lower than the rest of the body. This is why the testicles are located outside of your body. If you would like to improve your sperm quality, it is a good idea to start by avoiding various types of heat stress. Examples of these include:  

    • Hot tubs
    • Saunas 
    • Tanning beds 
    • Resting laptop on your lap 
    • Tight underwear 

    Eat Healthy 

    Men who eat a healthy and varied diet, containing fruits and vegetables and limited processed foods, have been found to generally have better sperm quality than men who eat unhealthy foods. Reducing your intake of processed meats, trans fats and soy products while increasing your intake of fish, fruits and vegetables has been linked to improvements in sperm quality and quantity. Maintaining a healthy weight by eating well will also have a positive effect on your sperm quality. 

    Exercise – In Moderation  

    Exercise in moderation is good for sperm quality and men who exercise regularly have shown to have better sperm quality than men who do not. However, both too little exercise and too much exercise can adversely affect sperm quality. Studies have also shown that exercise in extreme amounts, like in highly competitive athletes can have the opposite affect and negatively affect sperm quality.  

    Cut Down on Alcohol Consumption 

    Large quantities of alcohol damage sperm, and it may be worth reducing your intake if you want to improve sperm quality. A high intake of alcohol on a regular basis may also make you more prone to high risk behavior, putting you at risk for disqualification from being sperm donor.  

    Avoid Smoking 

    Studies show that smoking cigarettes is bad for sperm quality. If you are a heavy smoker, your sperm quality can be significantly impaired. Current studies are showing that THC from marijuana can also affect sperm. The good news is that if you choose to stop smoking, you will experience a noticeable improvement in your sperm quality.  

    If you change your lifestyle with the intent of improving sperm quality, make sure that you are patient while waiting to see the results of your efforts. It may take up to three months for a lifestyle change to be reflected in sperm quality and quantity. This is the time it takes for new sperm cells to be produced in the body. 

    If you are curious about how we test for sperm quality, find out here.   

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