Become a donorBecome a sperm donorWhat is high quality sperm?

    What is high quality sperm?

    A sperm donor’s sperm quality can be measured in several different ways. Among other things, we examine the amount of sperm and how well each sperm moves. Learn more about how Cryos tests sperm quality in the lab and what makes high quality sperm. 

    Cryos sperm donor  – how does Cryos test sperm quality

    What is considered high quality sperm?  

    The more normal sperm there are present in your semen, with good motility (movement) in an ejaculation, the better your sperm quality is considered. A man has normal sperm quality if there are more than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. However, some men may have over 200 million sperm per milliliter of semen. In addition to quantity, more than 40% of the sperm cells must be alive and in motion for the sperm to be considered of good quality.  

    If you would like to become a sperm donor with Cryos, you must first have your sperm tested at our location. As a sperm donor, it is important to have high quality sperm, as it gives our customers the best chances of becoming pregnant and achieving their dreams of having a family.

    How do we test donor sperm quality? 

    We examine your sperm by placing a drop of the ejaculate in what is called a counting chamber. Then we analyze it under a microscope. Using the CASA system, we check how many milliliters of semen there are in the ejaculate, how many sperm are present, the amount of moving sperm, the degree of mobility and the total amount of sperm, among other things.  

    It is also important to know whether the sperm can handle being frozen. The ejaculate must be able to survive temperatures of -320.8°F, which is the temperature of the nitrogen tanks in which the sperm samples are stored. Not every man produces sperm that tolerates freezing well. Some men produce sperm that cannot tolerate freezing, while other’s sperm are in good condition after both freezing and thawing.

    If you produce sperm that can be frozen and thawed successfully, you can become a sperm donor. 

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    Reduced Sperm Quality 

    There can be many different reasons why a man has decreased sperm quality. This may be due to age, illness, medical treatment (e.g. chemotherapy), lifestyle choices and many other factors. Here you can read up on suggestions on how to improve your sperm quality. 

    There are a number of parameters that are used to indicate if a man has decreased sperm quality. The two main ones are: 

    • If there are fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen 
    • If less than 40% of the sperm are alive and motile  

    If these two factors are present, we would consider sperm quality to be decreased. 

    Sperm Quality Fluctuates 

    Since men are constantly producing new sperm, sperm quality can change over time. Most men have both good quality periods and bad quality periods. It is normal to experience reduced sperm quality for a period of time, due to illness or stress for example. Even prolonged use of a hottub will contribute to reduced sperm quality.

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