Your Compensation as a Sperm Donor

    Being a sperm donor is a rewarding opportunity, where you get to experience the gratification of making of people’s dreams of having a child come true. Cryos compensates you for your time and effort during the donation process.  

    Besides the amazing feeling of helping families, you also get compensated and receive a free and comprehensive medical evaluation including genetic screening and infectious disease testing.

    The Compensation Schedule:

    The sperm donor compensation schedule is as follows

    • Per ejaculate - $20 (per visit)
    • Per tested ejaculate made that is MOT5 or higher (on each successive visit) - $20
    • Per batch release - $20

    Sperm donors will earn $20 per ejaculate per visit at Cryos. The sperm laboratory will then test your specimen. If the sperm quality produced is a MOT5 or higher, you will be compensated $20 on your following visit, in addition to the $20 per ejaculate per visit.

    After sperm donors produce a batch (ten ejaculates), your specimens can go into quarantine. After the six-month quarantine period, the sperm donor will be called in for a brief medical examination. When all the test results have been obtained, provided that they are normal, the quarantine is lifted, and the sperm samples are released from quarantine. After the sperm samples are released from quarantine, you will earn another $20.

    Donors are required to pay taxes on the amount earned from Cryos and you will receive a 1099. It is the donors’ responsibility to do so

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    At Cryos, we want to support and help you on your journey to become a donor. Please contact us if you have questions or need further information about becoming a Cryos sperm donor.