Non-ID Release or ID Release Egg Donor?

    Interested in becoming an egg donor? You have options! Below we discuss the choice between becoming a Non-ID Release or an ID Release Cryos egg donor.

    Once you are approved to become a Cryos egg donor, you have the option to be listed as a Non-ID Release or an ID Release donor. Keep in mind that once you make your decision, it is permanent. Therefore, we recommend you take your time to determine the right choice for you.  


    Cryos Egg donor considers her options while finishing her application online.

    Become a Non-ID Release egg donor

    Becoming a Non-ID Release egg donor, means your information will always be confidential and Cryos will never release your identity. Non-ID Release egg donors provide childhood or baby photos for their online profile to help guide potential families in making the best decision. They do not provide adult photos. Cryos values your anonymity and in agreement we require you to refrain from contacting potential donor children or their family.

    Cryos guarantees that we will never disclose your personal information to anyone. While Cryos will never release your information, there is a chance of being identified through familial DNA testing. Your eggs contain DNA and therefore, there will always be a chance that donors, clients and donor children can be found via a DNA analysis. As a Non-ID Release egg donor, Cryos protects your anonymity, however we are unable to protect you under every circumstance. All donors should be aware that they could be found in the future through common genetic testing services.

    Being an ID Release egg donor

    As an ID Release egg donor, future donor children will be able to contact Cryos to receive identifying information about you once they turn 18 in the U.S. At this point the child will have the option to know more about their own biological origins. Many donor children find importance and comfort in connecting with their genetic roots, however the level of contact you want to engage in is always your choice. Cryos does not disclose your identity to clients, only to the child once they are of age and if they request your information.

    If you are under the age of 25 and considering becoming a ID Release egg donor, one of our health care professionals will talk to you during the approval process to make sure you have fully considered your choice, and understand the implications involved.

    ID Release egg donors provide both an adult and child photo of themselves for their online profile to better assist future families in their decision making process.

    In this video, we discuss the decisions you must make as either a Non-ID Release or ID Release egg donor at Cryos.

    Ready to become an egg donor?

    We know that the decision may require some thought and consideration and we are here to help. If you would like to learn about our egg donation process and requirements, click here. Want to hear about other egg donor experiences? Click here to learn why our Cryos egg donors made the choice to help future families.

    We invite you to contact us or use our live chat to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about the egg donation process.