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    What our donors say

    Cryos donors are altruistic individuals who choose to donate for personal reasons that motivate them to help families in need. We spoke with two of our donors about their personal motivations of becoming a donor to further understand why they chose to donate.


      Cryos sperm and egg donors discuss their decision

      The most valuable motive for our donors is the ability to help those in need. Our donors align with our vision, to help people make their dreams of having a family come true. Many of our donors tell us that they knew someone personally that struggled with fertility issues. Some donors already have children of their own and want to make someone else’s dream of becoming a parent come true.

      Cryos egg donor discusses why she became a donor

      I became an egg donor because I have seen so many different perspectives of the donation process.

      Donor Anna

      Anna is a Cryos donor who knew she wanted to become an egg donor to help others have a family after seeing the joy a co-worker experienced by donating her eggs, then the happiness a friend found in conceiving with donor eggs, and meeting someone in college who was an egg donor baby herself.

      Watch the interview as Anna describes her experience with becoming an egg donor at Cryos.

      There is a huge need for sperm donors, and I decided that was something I wanted to do, and I wanted to make a difference in the world to help people.

      Donor Adam
      Cryos sperm donor discusses why he became a donor

      Adam is a Cryos sperm donor who, after using fertility treatment to start his family, realized the need for donors and chose to become a sperm donor to help others on their path to parenthood. Adam is so grateful for his family and wants others to have the opportunity to become parents.

      Watch the interview as Adam describes his experience with becoming a sperm donor at Cryos.

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      Follow the link to apply as a sperm donor or apply as an egg donor. If you have any questions about this process we are happy to assist you. Contact us to speak with one of our donor coordinators.

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