Egg donor Anna

    Becoming an egg donor is an enriching opportunity to make a difference in the lives of families and potential parents. In the video below we talk with Anna, a Cryos egg donor, to learn more about her amazing egg donor experience.  

      Egg donor Anna – Why she became a donor

      I became an egg donor because I’ve seen so many different perspectives of the egg donation process. I had worked with somebody who was currently going through the egg donation process themselves and it was a wonderful thing to watch and experience through her. She was just elated to be part of that and to be able to help a family. Then later, I had actually worked with an individual who was struggling to create a family, and with that she was broken. Having somebody who I had met later in life who was the product of an egg donation, I saw all three different perspectives. I thought it was just a wonderful, beautiful thing that I wanted to be part of.  

      I do want to be a parent to a human, one day. I only have fur-children as of right now. I have a beautiful little puppy, and she is my world and I can really relate to parents whether they are of animals or of people, because that little cute ball of fluff or that little baby becomes your world.   

      The donor process is awesome. It is something that is very unique. It is a little different from your regular doctors visits. Cryos goes through an entire medical examination. You get your blood work and all your testing done to make sure that you’re up to par for health and that youre doing really well for the whole process, along with making sure that everything is going smoothly. The Egg Donation Coordinators through Cryos are phenomenal. They just, they are so good, they are with you step-by-step all the way.   

      When you hear pay it forward, I feel like I’ve paid it forward in a different way that most people wouldn’t think of. I’m grateful that they were able to have their dream come true; that I was able to help them. Love has been infused into this the whole time and so it is exciting for everyone and I am excited for the future families; for anyone who is going to be able to create something so wonderful. I don’t know, if I’m capable of helping people and making them happy and create a family – there is nothing more rewarding then that.

      - Anna

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