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    Who are you helping as a donor

    As a sperm or egg donor at Cryos, you are making a huge difference and helping people achieve their dream of having a family. Cryos and our customers are very grateful for our generous donors. Read the testimonials of happy parents below, to see the difference made in the lives of families.

      Happy family with donor child

      I can’t thank Cryos enough for helping me with everything! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have this sweet bundle of joy! Noah born on March 22, 2019 - 7lbs 6oz. He currently weighs 14lbs!  

      He is a happy baby! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

      - Christina, US 


      "I have three children thanks to my donor at Cryos: an 18 month old daughter and twin boys expected later this summer. I really can't say enough to thank Cryos for the wonderful customer service I received with both of my pregnancies. Everyone I came into contact with was friendly and helpful. During a time that is generally stressful and confusing, I found Cryos to be an exceptional organization that treated me warmly and with respect. I highly recommend Cryos to anyone I hear about searching for a bank to use." 

      - Kerri, US 


      "I am thrilled with the service that Cryos has provided. Cryos was one of the providers recommended through our doctor and the only one that provided free pictures of donors which was a huge plus for us. When we were going through our daughters adoption, your team was more than helpful in providing the necessary paper work we needed to complete the adoption. With out Cryos our life would not be the same as we would not have our beautiful daughter and our second on the way so thank you very much for the work you do :)" 

      - Tasha, US 


      "About a year ago this time I was trying to get pregnant and finding out that it hadn’t worked yet another time, at this point I think the count was up to 7 unsuccessful attempts. I was feeling beyond devastated with the process and starting to blame myself even though there were no known issues. I was on fertility meds that were causing mood swings, hot flashes, and overall frustration. This made me want to send out positive vibes to anyone trying who has been unsuccessful. I know your devastation and I know what it feels like to blame yourself, and worry about the cost of everything. It wouldn’t have been until October and 11 attempts until it finally took. I now look down at my infant eating at 3:04am. Rather than feel tired, I feel so fortunate that it finally worked. I know this isn’t everyone’s experience but I wanted to at least give my story for anyone feeling especially sad at this time, and worrying about cost. She cost thousands and we didn’t have the money, but through very creative ways we made it work. Here is a picture of little miss Harper to lift your spirits" 

      - Kendall, US 

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      Cryos is here for you

      At Cryoswe want to support and help you on your journey to become a donor. Please contact us if you have questions or need further information about becoming a sperm donor. You can also learn more about becoming an egg donor, by following the link.