Donor Egg Blastocyst Guarantee

    Fertility treatment using donor eggs is expensive in regards to time, money and energy. Cryos offers peace of mind with a Blastocyst Guarantee to ensure your best chance of pregnancy success.

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    To qualify for this guarantee program the following criteria are required:

    • Customers must purchase a minimum of 6 eggs at one time for the guarantee to be in place.
    • Semen parameters (on the day of sperm thaw) require > 5 million total motile sperm with a morphology of 2% or higher (Kruger strict criteria). Sperm will be checked at the time of egg warming/sperm thaw (prior to ICSI) to verify that it meets the required criteria.
    • No surgical procedures that require MESA, TESE or TESA.
    • History of sperm quality tests, like aneuploidy test, DNA fragmentation test, etc. (if available) must yield favorable results.
    • To qualify for this guarantee program, any history of clinical or embryological significance may be requested for review.
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