Surrogacy with the use of donor sperm or eggs from Cryos is a life changing method used by many people on their path to parenthood.  


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    What should I look for in a surrogate?

    • Is the surrogate in good physical and mental health?
    • Has she carried and delivered at least one child?
    • Has the surrogate had pregnancies that were all free of complications and were full-term?
    • Is the surrogate less than 43 years of age (some clinics will accept older woman in certain circumstances; others have younger age cut-offs)
    • Is she in a stable living situation?
    • Does she smoke or abuse alcohol?
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    What parents should know about potential surrogacy agencies include:

    • Does the agency have a good customer service team that is available to answer all questions in a respectful and timely manner?
    • Does the agency meet the surrogate in person for mental/physical health screenings?
    • Does the agency evaluate the surrogates home environment?
    • Does the agency do reference checks?
    • Does the agency do criminal background checks?
    • What information do they obtain to avoid a high-risk pregnancy?
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