Success Rates

    In 2016, we set out to create the most successful donor egg program in the U.S. and our results have improved the lives of our clients all around the world.  

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    These success rates for frozen donor eggs are almost unheard of in our industry and well surpass that of our competitors. For our patients, this means a significantly greater chance at building a family they once could only dream about. We’re proud to help them on that journey

    Corey Burke, Cryos USA Tissue Bank Director
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    It really speaks to the high-quality process Cryos has in place and their diligence in ensuring only the best for their patients and customers. I’m proud to be a reference IVF clinic and know that my patients have the best possible chance of conceiving thanks to Cryos.

    Melissa M. Yates, MD, Medical Director, Advanced Reproductive Specialists
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