Getting pregnant with donor sperm

    Donor sperm is sperm provided by a man, with the intention that it will be used in the artificial insemination or other fertility treatment of a woman who is on the path to parenthood.


      When did the sperm donation process start?

      After the first successful pregnancy from frozen sperm, reported in 1953, the development of a thriving sperm-bank industry really began in the 1970s. Cryos was first established in 1987, and our primary clients were men who wanted to freeze their sperm before undergoing cancer treatment, and heterosexual couples who needed help due to a problem with the male partner’s sperm quality. Since then, Cryos international has grown to serve every type of family through the sperm and egg donation processes. 

      Why do people use donor sperm? 

      The purpose of sperm donation is to provide gametes for women whose male partner is infertile or, more commonly, for women who do not have a male partner. Direct sexual contact between the parties is avoided since the donor's sperm is placed in the woman's body by artificial means like home insemination, intrauterine insemination or invitro fertilization.

      If you are going to use home insemination, then we can recommend you to read our blog post on how to make home insemination successful.

      Who typically uses donor sperm?

      • Single women

      An increasing number of single women use donor sperm to have the children they have dreamt of. Some women may not have succeeded in finding the right partner to start a family with. Others may wish to have the freedom that can follow when raising a child by oneself. Luckily, more and more countries now offer fertility treatments for single women. Read more about becoming a Single Mother by Choice

      • Same sex couples

      For lesbian couples, using a sperm donor is necessary if they wish to have children who are genetically related. Luckily, more and more countries are opening up to giving same-sex couples the same opportunities as other couples to start a family. Read more about becoming same-sex parents with help from a sperm donor. 

      • Heterosexual couples 

      After a year of unsuccessful attempts at getting pregnant, many heterosexual couples seek professional help to identify the reason why they are unable conceiving. There could be several reasons for infertility. If the male partner’s sperm quality is too low to obtain pregnancy, using a sperm donor may be a good option. Read more about infertility and donor sperm. 

      At Cryos, we are proud to help all people who wish to have the family of their dreams.