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    Using a Clinic for IUI or IVF Treatment

    There are two types of insemination processes that physicians can assist you with for fertility treatment. They are called Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Here we will tell you the difference between the two and why some people use these types of treatment versus home insemination.

    What Is IUI? 

    Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a fertility treatment that involves placing sperm inside a woman's uterus to facilitate fertilization. The goal of IUI is to increase the number of sperm that reach the fallopian tubes and subsequently increase the chance of fertilization. 

    When Should You Use IUI? 

    If you are having difficulty getting pregnant using donor sperm to conceive, you might look at IUI as a fertility treatment option. The clinic will help track your ovulation and might also prescribe fertility drugs to help prepare your body for pregnancy. Using a clinic also increases you chances of getting pregnant, but also costs a bit more than doing a home insemination. 

    What is IVF? 

    In vitro fertilization, otherwise known as IVF, is an assisted reproductive technology where an egg and sperm are manually combined for fertilization in a laboratory. Once an embryo has formed, it will be transferred to the uterus where hopefully a successful pregnancy will occur. 

    When Should You Use IVF? 

    If you are affected by infertility, you may consider going through with the IVF process. Some common reasons patients would need to use IVF are: 

    • Blocked or damaged Fallopian tubes 
    • Women who have had their Fallopian tubes removed 
    • Male factor infertility including decreased sperm count or sperm motility 
    • Women with conditions such as premature ovarian failure, endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Individuals with a genetic disorder 

    IVF is considered for people who have tried to get pregnant with no success or explanation for over one year of trying. If a woman does not have healthy eggs herself, IVF can be performed by using donor eggs. 

    You may also consider using donor sperm for the IVF treatment whether you are a single woman trying to get pregnant or a couple having trouble. IVF procedures are very expensive and usually the last resort of options for people trying to conceive. 


    1. Know your treatment:

    Visit your doctor or clinic to find out which clinical treatment is right for you. Whether it is IUI or IVF, you should educate yourself to understand how each procedure works. Discuss the pros and cons of each process with your physician. This should include the costs and what your chances are of becoming pregnant with each type of treatment. If you want to know more about how IUI and IVF work click here. The article also discusses other types of infertility treatments that you could also consider. 

    2. Select your sperm donor:

    Cryos recommends purchasing IUI-ready sperm for your IUI or IVF treatment. This type of sperm is carefully washed and prepared specifically for these types of treatments. It can also be used for other fertility treatments including home insemination, even though ICI-ready sperm is recommended. Read the difference between IUI-ready and ICI-ready sperm here. 

    3. Select your sperm donor’s MOT: 

    When looking at your sperm donor’s straw options, you will see different levels of MOTs mentioned. MOT indicates the number of millions of motile sperm per ml (click here to learn more), and each Cryos straw is .5 ml. For IUI, many clinics prefer a MOT20 – although your clinic may not have a specific preference, so make sure to check with your doctor. For IVF, we recommend a MOT5, as you do not need as many motile sperm for this type of procedure.

    4. Choose your shipping method: 

    Select the appropriate tank and shipping dates approved by your clinic. You will choose this on our website’s checkout page. The clinic will store your donor sperm and have it ready for use on the day of your planned IUI or IVF procedure. 

    Have Questions? Cryos Has Answers 

    Call Cryos at 407-203-1175 to speak with one of our friendly client service representatives. They will answer any questions you have about choosing the right donor sperm for your clinical insemination. A live online chat system is also available during regular operating hours on our website. 

    Need help navigating through our donor search? This blog post will give you step-by-step instructions.