IUI-ready and ICI-ready Donor Sperm: What’s the Difference?

    If you are just starting your journey of finding a sperm donor, it can be confusing. Cryos is here to walk you through the differences between IUI and ICI-ready sperm to determine which one is right for you. 

    When browsing through the extensive list of sperm donors, you will notice the types of sperm each donor has available. This indicator helps to determine the price but also determines the best method for insemination. Here we discuss the difference between ICI and IUI to help you better understand the lab processes


    ICI-ready (Intracervical Insemination) Sperm

    ICI-ready sperm is sperm that is unwashed. This means that all the natural seminal fluid and cells are together with the sperm instead of “washed” or removed. This is ideal for home insemination because your body will handle the sperm naturally, just as it would during intercourse. You would choose ICI-ready sperm unless your favorite donor only has IUI-ready straws available. IUI can be used too, but ICI straws are preferred by most buyers because they are more cost effective. ICI straws will need to be washed if they are to be used for IUI or IVF treatments. Read more on how a home insemination procedure is donehere. 

    IUI-ready (Intrauterine Insemination) Sperm 

    IUI-ready sperm means that the sperm has been washed. Before cryopreservation, the sperm cells are separated from the seminal fluid through density gradients, washed and then added to a cryo-preservative medium. This type of sperm is typically used for an IUI procedure (and fertility treatments such as IVF). This is because those treatments require washed sperm that has been cleaned of its seminal fluid. ICI straws will need to be washed by your clinic if they are to be used for IUI or IVF treatments. Read more on how an IUI procedure is done here. 

    More Information about IUI-ready and ICI-ready sperm and donors 

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