Why use donor sperm

    More people are turning to donor sperm for starting their family. Here we address conception with the use of donor sperm and who benefits from using this method.


      For many people having a child and starting a family is one of their biggest wishes. For some potential parents, problems such as infertility can slow down the process of getting pregnant. Fertility treatments such as using donor sperm are proving to be beneficial for potential parents on their path parenthood. 

      Who uses donor sperm?

      At Cryos, we can divide the people for whom donor sperm can be beneficial into three main groups:

      • Single women 

      An increasing number of single women, both heterosexual and homosexual are using donor sperm to become Single Mothers by Choice (SMC). Most single women are doing well in their careers, take pride in their relationship with themselves and are choosing to have a child on their own. In response to this growing trend, more countries now offer fertility treatment for unmarried women. Single mothers by choice have the option of having sperm delivered to their residence for home insemination in the US, or to a medical clinic for treatment if they are seeking help with the insemination process.  

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      • Same sex couples

      Female same sex couples need a sperm donor if they wish to have children. Today’s lesbian couples have the option of having donor sperm delivered directly to their residence so they can do a home insemination. Some couples choose instead to use a clinic for their insemination treatment within the US.  

      Learn about same sex couples who started their family using donor sperm.

      • Heterosexual couples

      After seeking professional help to identify the reason why they are not conceiving, many couples learn that Male Factor Infertility is the underlying cause for 30% of all infertility cases. Male factor infertility is the presence of abnormal semen in the male partner. A couple are considered infertile if they are unable to achieve conception after 1 year of unprotected intercourse. Using a sperm bank is a good solution for couples struggling with inferitlity. Couples have the option of having donor sperm delivered to their residence for home insemination, or to a clinic for treatment as well.   

      At Cryos, we are proud to help everyone achieve the family of their dreams, regardless of their sexual orientation or lifestyle choices. 

      The development in the use of donor sperm 

      Cryos was established in 1987. The primary clients were men who wanted to freeze their sperm, before undergoing cancer treatment or other medical procedures. Heterosexual couples also needed help conceiving due to male sperm quality and azoospermia. Only a small percentage of customers were lesbian couples and single women.  

      Today, the demographic of our client’s have shifted dramatically and now focuses on same sex couples and single women. This change corresponds with the increasing development of many different types of families.  

      Along with this cultural evolution, potential parents have more access to more information about the sperm donors. For example; his interests, values and hobbies, his emotional intelligence as well as seeing photos of the donor. An increasing percentage of our clients also want to use a Non-anonymous donor to give their child the opportunity to reach out to the donor after the child reaches adulthood. Despite the preference, the choice between an ID Release and a Non-ID Release Sperm Donor is still a very individual decision and each donor has their own personal reason for their choice. In addition, the country of treatment can also influence the choice, as different countries have different regulations regarding fertility treatment