Infertility is a common problem that effects couples around the world. Here we will talk about infertility and treatment to help you find a solution to achieving the family of your dreams. 

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    My husband and I have waited so long to be able to have a baby and thanks to Cryos, we were able to! Despite all the side effects, being pregnant was an incredible experience and I am so thankful. Our little Louis is now 4 1/2 months old, and I still can't believe it. I love my life! Thank you to all the donors who make this possible.


    Words cannot describe the pride, joy and love we feel since our baby boy came into our live in August 2016. The unconditional love we feel holding this tiny, dependent person who already has his own character, is so much greater than life itself! We will always be thankful to our donor. Not knowing us, but to be so unselfish to make sure we (and others) are able to welcome the greatest gift of life. Making sure to thoroughly describe himself and his relatives so we know just a bit, being able to be honest to our newborn when he starts asking questions in a few years’ time. And last but not least the great guidance from Cryos to make it all possible! Thank you to you all.

    The Netherlands

    We got a beautiful son thanks to Cryos and the donor who made it possible for us to have a family to love. Thanks to all!

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