To Cryos, it is personal! On this page you can see our team of dedicated employees at Cryos. We are deeply honored to help create life by helping single women and couples worldwide become parents to happy, healthy children. That is what all of us at Cryos focus on every day. 


    • Helle Sejersen Myrthue
    • Claus Ø. Christensen
    • Corey Burke
      Tissue Bank Director

    Marketing & Customer Care

    • Betsy Herp
      Director of Marketing & Customer Care
    • Emanuel Gomes
      Digital Marketing Manager
    • Imani Dumas
      Marketing Coordinator
    • Kathrine Bhimjee
      Marketing Specialist
    • Andrew Lash
      Digital Marketing Specialist
    • Adriana Gomez
      Customer Care Specialist
    • Katelynn Ramon
      Customer Care Specialist
    • Kiaya Roberge
      Customer Care Supervisor
    • Lauren Bellaflores
      Customer Care Specialist
    • Melissa Dominguez
      Logistics Coordinator
    • Tamaya Cruz
      Customer Care Specialist
    • Vicmaris Baerga
      Customer Care Specialist
    • Laura Juliana Alarcon
      Marketing Intern
    • Laura Nicolle Becerra
      Marketing Intern

    Finance, HR & Administration

    • Landa Dichiera
      Finance Manager
    • Aracelis Cruz
      Office Administration
    • Ester C. Lebron
    • Sharron Sotomayor
      Accounts Receivable
    • Youseline Bois
      Accounting Administrator


    • Carsten Stern
      Director of National Sales
    • Alexander Mejia
      Key Account Manager

    Sperm Bank/Production

    • Daniel Fleming
      Production Manager
    • Aubrey Wise
      Laboratory Technologist
    • Amanda Allen
      Donor Coordinator
    • Bobbi Johnson
      Laboratory Technologist
    • Camille Greenberg
      Laboratory Technologist
    • Chris Dangel
      Laboratory Technologist
    • Clara Vidal
      Donor Coordinator
    • Corbin Ortiz
      Donor Coordinator
    • Dixie Howell
      Laboratory Manager - Raleigh
    • Heather Honeycutt
      Nurse - RAL
    • Janessa Clark
      Laboratory Technologist
    • Julia Picart
      Executive Assistant
    • Kaina Crooke
      Andrology Laboratory Supervisor - Gainesville
    • Luisa Mejia
      Sperm Donor Coordinator
    • Mita Patel
      Andrology Lab Supervisor - Orlando
    • Nicole Peace
      ‪Sperm Donor Coordinator
    • Sharlene McDermott
      Registered Nurse
    • Tabby Gissendanner
      Sperm Donor Coordinator
    • Victoria Gentile
      Laboratory Technologist
    • Yvonne Grubbs
      Nurse - GVL

    Egg Bank/Production

    • Shelley Osking
      Egg Donor Coordinator/Nurse Supervisor
    • Crystal Rosado
      Senior Embryologist
    • Maxine Nazaire
      Administrative Clerk
    • April Bean
      Laboratory Technologist
    • Yamika Corsino
      Egg Donor Coordinator/Surgical Tech


    • Grant Hentges
      Senior Development Manager