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Cryos International is Honored to have Spoken at the American Fertility Expo

By Cryos | 4/30/2018
Tissue Bank Director and Embryologist Corey Burke will Be Speaking At the American Fertility Expo


What is the American Fertility Expo? 

The American Fertility Expo is located in Pasadena, California and its' main purpose is to motivate and inform those who are looking to start a family.

Cryos had the great pleasure of being able to attend this event on April 28, 2018 and we enjoyed the opportunity to meet with all the attendees looking to build the family of their dreams. We were able to answer so many questions and inform couples and individuals on how they may be able to start a family using donor eggs or donor sperm.

Tissue Bank Director and Embryologist Corey Burke spoke about Home Insemination at length, detailing its ease of use and how applicable it is for a wide variety of people.

Cryos was also able to mingle and observe a variety of other fertility experts in the industry to gain more insight and knowledge on the latest advancements in our field. It was great to see all the participants in the educational seminars and interactive workshops.

This was a very educational event providing all sorts of helpful information to start a family and we encourage you to come visit Cryos at next years American Fertility Expo if you were not able to attend this year.

Who Should Attend the American Fertility Expo?

Here is a list of reasons you should attend this event according to the American Fertility Expo themselves:

•    If you are trying to conceive and are finding it difficult to get pregnant
•    If you are considering In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Surrogacy as an option
•    If you are open to national and/or international fertility options
•    If you are interested in adoption and/or fostering
•    If you want to freeze your eggs or donate them
•    If you want to know more about options for the LGBT community
•    If you want to learn about how lifestyle changes can help you conceive
•    If you want to learn about new research and fertility treatments
•    If  you want to understand your financial options
•    If you want to meet with top fertility professionals and get answers

Photos From This Years American Fertility Expo

Watch Corey Burke's Home Insemination Presentation

For those of you who missed the presentation at the American Fertility Expo, we have attached it below for your convenience. Visit our YouTube channel for more helpful and informational videos. If you are going to use home insemination, then we can recommend you to read our blog post on how to make home insemination successful.

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