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6 benefits to using home insemination

Home Insemination - What are the benefits

Fertility treatments can become expensive and may require multiple doctor visits in order to complete a successful treatment. However, creating your family through home insemination may be a perfect solution for you and your partner. Read the 6 benefits by using home insemination below.

1. Using home insemination is convenient

Home insemination is the most convenient fertility treatment you might consider when looking at the variety of other treatments out there. It is done on your own time, so there is no need to reschedule work hours or other priorities you may have during the day. Home insemination is a great option if you are looking for flexibility.

If you are going to use home insemination, then we can recommend you to read our blog post on how to make home insemination successful.

2. Home insemination is private

The process of home insemination is done right in the comfort of your own home where you may have a more intimate experience with your partner while having all the privacy you need. Having privacy also lessens the pressure and anxiousness you may have felt being in a doctor’s office.

3. No Doctor Visits Required

You will not have to see a doctor at all if you choose to use home insemination! That means no appointments, no medical testing and no stress! However, you may want to visit an OBGYN beforehand to ensure that you are healthy and ready for your home insemination. The decision is yours to make, and there is no requirement of visiting any sort of doctor. You may always contact Cryos International USA as well to ask any questions that you may have.

4. Wide Variety of Donor Sperm Options

You will have a wide variety of specimens to choose from, including ICI and IUI sperm, at various price points to use for your home insemination. This is a great advantage as other processes are limited to use only IUI donor sperm. Start your search for your perfect sperm donor today.

5. Low Cost

Home insemination is the lowest-cost treatment you can choose, and the chances of becoming pregnant are just as high as if you were trying on your own with your partner. If you want to learn more about the cost of home insemination compared to other fertility treatments, we recommend you to follow the link to our blog post on the subject.

6. Home insemination is quick and easy

All you need to do is follow the simple steps provided in your home insemination kit that will be sent to you along with your donor sperm! The tools are easy to use and understand, and you should be done in no time!

And remember, if you have any other questions you would like answered, please comment or reach out to our Customer Care Team at (407) 203-1175. We are happy to help!