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What Do Parents Say About Cryos? Tasha's Testimonial

By Cryos | 5/31/2018
Choosing your Cryobank - Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank Testimonials

Deciding which cryobank to use is an important decision to make when it comes to having a baby using donor sperm or donor eggs. At Cryos, we know it's important that you are informed with all the knowledge you need before choosing your potential cryobank.


That is why we make sure to share the experiences and testimonials of others who have successfully worked with Cryos to build a family. Their success stories may make it more clear for you to see that same is possible for you too when it comes to having the baby of your dreams.

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I am thrilled with the service that Cryos has provided. Cryos was one of the providers recommended through our doctor and the only one that provided free pictures of donors which was a huge plus for us. Without Cryos, our life would not be the same as we would not have our beautiful daughter and our second on the way, so thank you very much for the work you do :)

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