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What Do Parents Say About Cryos? Catherine's Testimonial

By Cryos | 9/11/2018
Catherine's testimonial for choosing Cryos

Thinking about choosing Cryos as your sperm or egg bank? What is important about selecting a cryobank? The number one factor is having detailed and comprehensive donor information available for you to look through.


At Cryos, donor search is always free and there is a wide selection of donor sperm and donor eggs with various ethnicities and backgrounds.

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I was really pleased with the service we received from Cryos. The replies were very quick, efficient and gave us the answers we needed. We used Cryos, as compared to the UK main sperm bank, the history/details and information given on the Cryos donor is really comprehensive, which we feel is so necessary in this important decision. We had one IVF attempt, and because of my age had the choice of putting two eggs back in, which we did, and now have two beautiful boys. Thank you Cryos!

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