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What Do Parents Say About Cryos? Lisa and Nay's Testimonial

By Cryos | 12/17/2018
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Searching for the right sperm and egg bank to help you have the baby of your dreams is a difficult process. Cryos may be the right choice for you, but why choose us?

Testimonials from parents who have used Cryos is one way we prove our credibility and is an important factor to consider when considering choosing your cryobank. Couples who have success using our donor sperm and donor eggs are our greatest joy and we are happy to share their stories with you.

Read the testimonial below from one of our clients, about why choosing Cryos was the right decision for her and her partner.

Choosing Cryos: Lisa and Nay's Testimonial

We were in your shoes. It can happen. Keep faith. We had losses, a tubal pregnancy and sometimes it just didn’t take. To a point, we were so negative (we tried for years, fertility issues and ?️‍? ). STAY POSITIVE BABY DUST TO YOU ALL. Cryos is an AMAZING company. We just celebrated our daughter Belle’s 1st birthday. We searched high and low for the right donor and finally found it here at Cryos! Thank you Cryos.

Lisa and Nay
Choosing Cryos: Lisa and Nay Share Their Testimonial

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Look for more Cryos testimonials on our blog. Check out testimonials from more parents who think choosing Cryos was a great decision! If you would like to submit your own testimonial, please send us an e-mail! We love seeing your baby photos.

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