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Preparing for clinical insemination (IUI or IVF)

Discussing the steps for preparing for your clinical insemination, IUI or IVF - Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank

Want to have the baby of your dreams? There are two main types of insemination treatments done in a clinic. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) are two of the fertility treatments physicians use to help you conceive. In order to prepare for your clinical insemination treatment, Cryos recommends you follow these three steps to make your baby dreams come true.

4 steps to prepare for Clinical insemination

1. Know your treatment

Visit your doctor or clinic to find out which clinical treatment is right for you. Whether it's IUI or IVF, you should educate yourself to understand how each procedure works. Discuss with your physician the pros and cons of each, including what your chances are of becoming pregnant with each type of treatment.

Follow the link to learn more about how IUI and IVF treatment works. The article also discusses other types of infertility treatments that you may not have considered, but are definitely worth knowing about.

2. Select your sperm donor

Cryos recommends purchasing IUI-ready sperm for your IUI or IVF treatment. This type of sperm is carefully washed and prepared specifically for these types of treatments. It can however, also be used for other fertility treatments such as home insemination, even though typically ICI-ready sperm is recommended for this type of insemination.

Read the difference between IUI-ready and ICI-ready donor sperm here.

3. Select your sperm donor's MOT

When looking at your sperm donor's straw options, you will see different MOT's mentioned. Sperm motility or MOT indicates the number of millions of motile sperm per ml, and each straw is .5 ml.

For IUI, many clinics prefer a MOT20 - although your clinic may not have a specific preference, so make sure to check with your doctor. For IVF, we recommend a MOT5, as you do not need as many motile sperm for the procedure.

4. Choose your shipping method

Select the appropriate shipping method approved by your clinic. You will do this on our website's checkout page. They will store your donor sperm and have it ready for use on the day of your planned IUI or IVF procedure.

Have questions? Cryos has answers

Call Cryos at 407-203-1175 to speak with one of our friendly Customer Care Coordinators. They will answer any questions you have about choosing the right sperm donor for your clinical treatment.

A live online chat system is also available during regular operating hours on our website. We look forward to helping you on your journey to parenthood!