ClientBlogCan a sperm or an egg donor be contacted in the future? Cryos explains
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Can a sperm or an egg donor be contacted in the future? Cryos explains

Contacting a Cryos egg or sperm donor in the future

A Cryos sperm or egg donor is given the option to be Non-ID Release (formerly anonymous) or ID Release (formerly non-anonymous). Donors also choose to have a basic or extended profile. You will come across donors with a mixture of these types of profiles in our free donor search. Cryos provides anonymity options for donors so they can decide if they want to be contacted in the future.

Can I get in touch with the sperm or egg donor in the future?

Donor children, parents, and donors often reach out to us in order to contact each other. But, what are the actual rules when it comes to the donor, donor child, and/or parent contact?  Cryos donors agree by contract to never contact the parents or the child. Parents also agree, via contract, to never contact the donor. Donor-conceived children are the only ones that have the ability to obtain identifying information about the donor, once they reach the age of 18. This identifying information ultimately depends on the type of donor you chose, as the parent.

Non-ID Release Donor

A Non-ID Release Donor will only have a limited amount of profile information. This donor's identity is never given out to you, the child, or anyone else. Clients who choose to purchase an Non-ID Release donor do so because they have zero interest in knowing the identity of their child's sperm donor or egg donor.

Please remember, as a future parent, that you are also eliminating the ability for your child to obtain identifying information about the donor. Children are often interested in knowing medical information, family traits, or simply learning more about their donor as a person.

While there are various ways to find out the identity of your child's Non-ID Release donor, the donor's information will never be given out to anyone by Cryos. 

ID Release Donor

An ID Release Donor can be contacted by the child, after turning 18. They can request identifying information about the donor from Cryos. ID Release donors are more popular because many parents would like their child to be able to have access to donor identifying information when they become adults. If the child does not contact Cryos, the donor's identity will remain undisclosed.

ID Release Donors have agreed to future contact. But, the donor can change their mind and be unresponsive when the child reaches out. So, there are no guarantees, but at the very least your child can know their donor's identity.

You ultimately make the choice, but remember that young adults sometimes wish they could know the identity of their donor. This becomes impossible if you choose an Non-ID Release Donor. It is very important for you to consider your options when choosing your donor's anonymity.

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