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Cryos Attends the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Conference

By Cryos | 11/4/2018
ASRM Cryos team

Cryos had the pleasure of exhibiting at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) 2018 conference in Denver, Colorado, October 6 - 10,  where approximately 3,000 professionals were in attendance.


This annual conference provides a way for us to keep up-to-date with the newest advancements and technology within the industry. We value our reference clinics and exhibit at this event to keep them informed of our efforts to provide the highest quality donor specimens for you, their patient.

What is ASRM all about? 

ASRM is a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the advancement of science and the practice of reproductive medicine. The Society is committed to facilitating and sponsoring educational activities for PhDs, physicians, embryologists and other industry professionals from all over the United States.

ASRM conference attendees connect and share knowledge with their colleagues and learn what's new in the reproductive world through educational sessions and posters provided by ASRM attendees.

For more information about ASRM, visit their website here.

Why Does Cryos Attend ASRM?

Cryos attends to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and advancements in the industry. We also attend for the benefit of our clients, many of those who struggle with infertility, and need the help of a physician or IVF treatment center to have the family of their dreams. Our customers may also need donor gametes.

We do our best to connect with clinics and IVF centers around the U.S. so that our clients have access to our thoroughly screened egg and sperm donor specimens.

Cryos also offers our reference clinics special discount codes so that their clients have the best selection of donors for a reduced price on our website.

ASRM Cryos booth

Cryos enjoyed meeting with the many industry professionals at ASRM. We were able to connect with Cooper Surgical, Freedom Fertility Pharmacy, and our recent partner, CAN-AM, as well as others. CAN-AM is the largest distributor of donor sperm and eggs in Canada and we were happy to be selected as an egg bank to serve the needs of the Canadian market. ASRM is an excellent place to network, socialize and make new connections in the industry.

During this five day conference, there were many educational and networking events that took place. We were able to network with MDRX, and attend evening events with Vitrolife for their "Wings Over the Rockies" Gala Reception and an after hours reception with Freedom Fertility Pharmaceuticals.

Both were great events where we were able to network with our peers as well as listen to professional speakers including Professor David K. Gardner, FAA the featured speaker at the Vitrolife Gala. Cryos staff had the pleasure of learning about his latest research and studies in the field of IVF.

The Cryos Booth Set-Up at ASRM

Cryos had a 20 foot by 20-foot island booth to represent the company and host our guests. Our team met with a number of industry professionals and received a great response about our offering and how our knowledgeable team continues to provide quality services to clinics and clients.

Guests loved our giveaways, which included sperm and egg keychains, Cryos pens and our infamous 'spermys'. Our large hanging sperm and eggs were also a crowd favorite!

We look forward to ASRM 2019 and thank all those who stopped by to speak with us. Below is a photo from our 2018 booth set-up. Look for us in Philly!