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Cryos Customer Care - Who are they and what do they do?

Cryos Customer Care

Have you ever wondered who the representatives that answer your chats, emails, and phone calls are? To help you get to know them better, we have interviewed some of our Customer Care Team members in this blog. Read along to learn what they do and some tips they have for you!

Meet our Customer Care Supervisor, Kiaya.

Customer Care Supervisor Kiaya

Kiaya has been working with Cryos for 7 years since the opening of our Orlando office. Her current role is Customer Care Supervisor and it entails keeping our customers happy. If you have questions regarding our services, Kiaya can help you. She also manages the clinic referral program of embryo creation.

Two questions Kiaya often receives

  • What does sperm motility mean and what amount of it do I need?
    Sperm motility is an important factor to know about when purchasing donor sperm. Different treatment methods may require different motility. Motility refers to the number of active sperm cells per milliliter of sperm. As our straws are 0.5 ml, you need to divide the straw MOT into two to find out how many million sperm cells are in the straw(s) you are interested in. For home insemination, we recommend using 2 MOT10 straws or higher. For treatment at a clinic, we recommend talking to your doctor. Our suggestions for which motility to use and how much donor sperm to purchase can be seen here. If you want to learn more about the cost of home insemination compared to other fertility treatments, we recommend you follow this link to our blog post on the subject.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    We offer military discounts, reference clinic discounts, and event discounts. You can get a military discount if you provide us with a copy of your military ID or proof that you are a veteran. You can get a reference clinic discount if you are having fertility treatment done at one of our partners’ locations. You can get an event discount if you were present at an event where we handed out discount code cards and you kept such card as proof. We will also sometimes provide discount codes via social media platforms, so make sure to follow us. Please note that only one discount can be used during purchase.


Meet our Customer Care Lead Coordinator, Vicmaris.

Customer Care Lead Coordinator Vicmaris

Vicmaris has been working for Cryos since November 2019. Her current role is Customer Care Lead Coordinator and it entails helping clients throughout their journeys. You can talk to Vicmaris if you contact us via phone, email, or chat. She is trained to answer any question you may have and to assist you with placing an order of donor sperm or donor eggs.

Two questions Vicmaris often receives

  • Why is ovulation important?
    Ovulation is the determining factor in getting pregnant. Ovulation occurs when the ovary releases a mature egg, it breaks through the ovary wall and travels down to the uterus where it can be fertilized. This usually occurs once every month for most women. When trying to conceive, you want to inseminate during ovulation so that you have a real chance at getting pregnant. Read more about ovulation here.
  • What is the difference between washed and unwashed sperm?Cryos offers both washed and unwashed donor sperm to be purchased. Washed means that straws contain IUI-ready sperm cells and nothing else. Unwashed means the straws contain ICI-ready sperm and other substances pertaining to semen. IUI is a fertility treatment performed by a medical provider using washed sperm only. ICI is often referred to as home insemination and can be done using either unwashed or washed sperm. Click here to learn more about IUI or ICI sperm straws.


Their favorite part about working at Cryos

Both Kiaya and Vicmaris highlight their favorite part about working at Cryos is the positive influence they have on other people’s lives. They both enjoy helping people fulfill their dream of parenthood by being a part of their journey.

Kiaya: “I enjoy seeing our clients’ satisfaction, excitement and love, and especially enjoy receiving pictures of adorable Cryos babies!”

Vicmaris: “There is nothing better than getting an email, call, or thank you card with the wonderful news of a successful pregnancy or birth. It is an honor to be a small part of that success.”


Advice for our clients

By constantly helping customers navigate their Cryos journeys, our Customer Care Team members have learned the things that work best. We asked them to name one they wish our customers knew.

Kiaya: One thing that I wish our clients would know is that sometimes it takes time to get pregnant. It could happen overnight, but most of the time it takes much longer. Most potential parents need to try for a full year before assuming there might be something wrong. Stress is a factor so remember to relax, be patient, and sign up for peer support through our private Facebook group "Family Dreams - Cryos USA".

Vicmaris: Tracking ovulation is key to pregnancy. Start tracking a couple months before ordering so you are familiar with your ovulation and your most fertile period each month. Educate yourself in the matter to accurately track your LH surge. Inseminate during your LH peak to maximize your pregnancy chances.


Cryos is here for you

If you need donor sperm or donor eggs, follow these links to our sperm donor search or egg donor search.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us. Our Customer Care Team is ready to help you via phone at +1 (407) 203 1175, via e-mail at [email protected], or via live chat on our website.