ClientBlogCryos International is Celebrating its’ 30th Year Anniversary!
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Cryos International is Celebrating its’ 30th Year Anniversary!

Ole Schou, Founder of Cryos

Welcome to the Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank blog page! We are the world’s largest sperm bank and first fully independent egg bank, and currently we are celebrating our 30-year anniversary!

At Cryos, we take pride in our unique journey to becoming the sperm and egg bank we are today. It all began in 1981 when Ole Schou, our founder, had a strange dream about frozen sperm. Soon after, he decided he needed to find out everything there is to know about frozen sperm, and little did he know, he soon became one of the leading experts in the subject.

That dream lead to multiple Cryos’ departments opening in Denmark, and one in Orlando, FL. Cryos now supplies sperm to more than 100 countries around the world and are making it possible for many people’s dreams to start a family come true. Without the support from our clients and donors, Cryos would not be able to provide to such a wide range of places and people.

This 30-year anniversary will be a great one, and we are excited to have you on the journey with us.

Again, thanks for visiting our blog and we look forward to discussing the topics you want to know more about and engaging with you on questions you might have. Thanks for being a part of the Cryos International dream!

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