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Cryos International Attends Miami Beach Gay Pride

By Cryos | 4/10/2018
Cryos Spermys at Miami Florida LGBT Pride 2018

On April 7th - 8th 2018, Cryos had the great pleasure of attending the beautiful and colorful Miami Beach Gay Pride festival and parade. There were over a 130,000 attendees who showed their pride and support for the LGBTQ community, as did we.


We're grateful to have had the opportunity to speak to many lesbian and gay couples looking to start a family and we encourage anyone else who still has any questions to reach out to us.

We now have an online chat system on our website where you can reach out to one of our friendly Customer Care Representatives who will respond to your answers live during our operating hours. This is a great way to ask your questions privately while still getting a quick response.

Miami Beach Gay Pride - LGBTQ support from Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank

Read more to find out what the purpose of Miami Beach Gay Pride is and (of course) view some photos of Cryos enjoying Pride.

What is Miami Beach Gay Pride?

Miami Beach Gay Pride is a celebration and display of community support for the LGBTQ community. Miami Beach Gay Pride states that "the mission of Miami Pride is to bring together members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, their friends, allies, and supporters in celebration of the unique spirit and culture of the LGBTQ community."

It is such a great feeling to be able to show support to such a beautiful community of LGBT individuals and Miami Pride does a great job of facilitating an amazing event for all members and supporters.

Photos of Cryos at Miami Pride

We had an amazing two days encouraging attendees of the Miami Beach Gay Pride festival to learn more about their options for starting a family or safer ways of expanding their existing ones.

As you can see, nothing stops the Cryos mission of personal attention to everyone who has questions about how to start the family of their dreams, even while at the sandy beach.

To Cryos, It's Personal! Cryos (and Spermy) hope to see you at our next event!