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An overview of Cryos sperm donor medical history reports

Cryos sperm donor medical history report

When searching for your dream sperm donor, you are probably looking for a variety of important factors or details you desire. Some may include the donor's appearance, race/ethnicity, their written letter or their personality traits, but what seems to be one of the most important factors for so many is the donor's medical history report, a.k.a. 'Summary of Records.' That is why, at Cryos, we strive to provide the most extensively screened donors in the industry. Continue reading for an overview of where and how you can find your donor's medical history report, and what exactly it includes.

Where can I find a donor's medical history report?

At Cryos, you can find our donors' medical history report under 'Summary of Records.' We include information about the donor, their medical history report and the quarantine released info all in one document. 'Summary of Records' can be downloaded at our site.

How do we screen our donors? 

We screen all of our donors extensively. Listed below are the types of screenings that are completed:

Sperm quality assessment

A complete analysis is done to ensure that we only accept sperm donors with the best sperm quality. We use a state-of-the-art Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) system to perform a complete analysis of the donor's sperm.

Background check

The next type of screening a sperm donor goes through is a background check to verify education, employment, and criminal history.

Medical exam

Part of the initial examination of a potential donor includes a medical exam to make sure they are in good health and to look for any signs of infectious disease. During the exam, a detailed family medical history is obtained to determine if there are any genetic conditions that could be passed from the donor.

Karyotype screening

Donor candidates will undergo a chromosome analysis. The sperm donor screening will check for chromosome abnormalities, in order to help diagnose genetic diseases, some birth defects and certain hematologic and lymphoid disorders.

Hereditary disease screening

In addition to a family medical history, which looks for hereditary disease that cannot be tested for, each donor undergoes hereditary disease screening to find out if they are a carrier of selected diseases that may potentially be passed down to affect a donor child.

Infectious disease screening

Each donor undergoes infectious disease screening before initial donation and before their first sperm batch is released from quarantine (about 6-months later). Our donor sperm is kept in quarantine for 6 months to abide by FDA regulations and ensure that there are no infectious diseases present after the 6-month check-up. The donor sperm will be made available to clients for purchase, after the second screening.

All screening and testing is done thoroughly and extensively and Cryos uses FDA approved and licensed centers to handle the testing. Please note that genetic screening has changed over time and continues to evolve with better technology and expanded numbers of tests. Due to this, not all donors have been screened for the same disorders.

Cryos will continue to lead the industry in regard to donor screening and will continue to update our screening policies as new technology becomes available. Donors with positive results for diseases or serious hereditary mental and physical diseases are rejected.

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Have more questions about sperm donor screening and medical history reports? Contact our knowledgeable Customer Care Team at (407) 203-1175 or email us at [email protected].

Our Customer Care Coordinators are also available on our live online chat system located on our website. We are happy to explain further how our extensive donor screening works and assure you of the top quality specimen we provide.