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Cryos Customer Care - Who are they and what do they do?

By Cryos | 1/1/2020
Cryos Customer Care Member, Kiaya

Have you ever wondered who these Customer Care representatives are that answer phone calls, chats and emails? We have interviewed each member of the Cryos Customer Care team to give you the inside scoop about who they are, what they do and some really great tips they have for you!


Keep up-to-date with our blog for the latest interviews with our knowledgeable Customer Care team members. Read below to get to know our Customer Care Supervisor, Kiaya.

Meet our Customer Care Supervisor, Kiaya!

Kiaya, how long have you been working at Cryos and what is your role?

I have been working with Cryos for five years, since the beginning of Cryos’ time in Orlando. My current role is the Customer Care Supervisor, where my main job is to make and keep our clients happy. I am involved in resolving issues such as shipping problems or delays. I also work on coordinating our egg orders and their shipment, plus our embryo creation program, which is a clinic referral program.

What is your favorite part about being a Customer Care Representative for Cryos?

My favorite aspect about working for Cryos is helping people have a family and follow their dreams on their path to parenthood. I enjoy seeing our clients’ satisfaction, excitement and love, and especially enjoy receiving pictures of adorable Cryos babies!

Which questions are you asked most frequently by clients?

The questions I receive most often concern sperm motility, how many straws to purchase, what CMV is, and whether is it possible to get a discount.

  • About Motility and Straws: Motility is one of the aspects that is very important when purchasing donor sperm specimens, as different treatment methods may require a different motility. Motility refers to the number of active sperm cells per milliliter of sperm. As our straws are 0.5 ml, you need to divide the straw MOT by two to find out how many million sperm cells are in the straw(s) that you are interested in. For a home insemination, we recommend using 2 MOT10 straws or higher. For treatment at a clinic, please contact the doctor for a recommendation specific to your treatment. Our recommendations for which motility to use and how much donor sperm to purchase can be seen here. If you want to learn more about the cost of home insemination compared to other fertility treatments, we recommend you to follow the link to our blog post on the subject.
  • About CMV: Cytomegalovirus or CMV is a very common virus, which many people have had before turning 50 years old. We screen all of our donors for CMV, and only accept sperm from a donation period where the donor was free of any active infection. If a donor has an active infection, donations will not be accepted, and these donations will be discarded. It is important to note that donors that are CMV positive have had the CMV infection in the past. Due to the regular screening for antibodies and the processing of sperm, the risk of contracting the virus from sperm is considered to be minuscule.
  • About discounts: Another question I get often is whether we are able to provide a discount. We are able to provide a military discount for sperm orders and you will also be able to receive a discount if you are working with one of our reference clinics. As we ship egg orders to our reference clinics, these will also include a discount. When Cryos participates in events, we will sometimes hand out discount codes, however, it is a requirement that you were present at the event in order to receive the discount. This is a way for us to know which events are showing a return on investment from a marketing perspective. We will also sometimes provide discount codes via social media platforms. Please note that only one discount can be used during purchase.

What is one thing that you wish clients would know or do better?

One thing that I wish our clients would know is that sometimes it takes time to get pregnant. It could happen overnight, but most of the time it takes much longer. Most potential parents need to try for a full year before assuming there might be something wrong.

Stress is a factor so remember to relax, be patient, sign up for our private Facebook group "Family Dreams - Cryos USA" to learn from others and remember that pregnancy is a process that takes time.

Do you have any tips for clients starting the process or planning to order?

For home insemination, I would definitely recommend that you track your ovulation for at least three months before starting. Also, I recommend that you use ovulation test strips, basal temperature, cervical mucus identification, plus an app. Apps used alone are usually pretty inaccurate.

If you are having treatment at a clinic for either IUI, IVF or ICSI, I recommend that you make sure to ask your doctor how much motile sperm is needed for your procedure, so that we can guide you accordingly.

If you are going to use home insemination, then we can recommend you to read our blog post on how to make home insemination successful.

Is there anything else you would like for our clients to know?

I think that if it is financially possible, you should consider making a reservation of donor straws. If you need to try several times, or  are planing on having more children using the same donor, making a reservation will ensure that straws from the donor are available to you. Our donors do sell out and it is heartbreaking for families who want siblings for the children and they are unable to do so. Remember that we will buy back any unused straws with a small restocking fee.

Also, a common confusion for our clients is straws vs. vials. At Cryos, we sell straws, while other sperm banks sell vials. There are many differences between these and it is important to be aware of the differences when placing the order. There is a difference in the volume of sperm, how to extract the sperm, the process of freezing, and the thawing method. We believe that straws are the most secure way to freeze, store and thaw the sperm.

Cryos is Here For You

If you have any questions or would like additional information, our knowledgeable Customer Care Team is available via email at [email protected] or by phone at (407) 203-1175. You can also contact us via our live online chat system, which can be found on our website.

Stay tuned to get to know the rest of the Cryos Customer Care Team! We look forward to helping make your family dreams come true!